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Below is a newer illustration about picking the best commercial properties to invest in. Pretty straight-forward… included a ladder plus businessman this time (recycled imagery from some previous illustrations, but it turned out with it’s own unique look anyway.)

Below you’ll find the approved sketch — very sketchy indeed — but was enough to get the green light to proceed on. I submitted quite a few other ideas … thus the simplicity of the sketches.

Our Senior Designer at Scotsman did a great job with the layout and type treatment.

And finally … the usual details since this is so small compared to the real thing in print.

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Just out today, this is an illustration for September’s Scotsman Guide Commercial edition. The article is titled: 5 Steps to Better Multifamily Returns.

For this one I submitted 5 rough sketches. We discussed the options, and this time around went directly to the final from these roughs, going with option 3. The first sketch was designed to fill both pages of the feature article, leaving plenty of simple background area for the designer to work with. The rest of the sketches were meant to fill a single page and leave the right-hand page open.

This illustration needed a quick turn-around, so it is a bit simpler than some. But sometimes simpler is OK. Below are a couple details. Even the details that are zoomed in the most are reduced from a 1-1 ratio. Showing there was still time so add some fine-tuning lines and textures.

Detail 3 above: Shoes and accessories are very important, they say…

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