Leveraging Technology

Below is a new illustration just finished for an article in October’s Scotsman Guide Commercial edition. FInal size is about 10.5 x 15 inches. The complete title of the article is: Do more with less by leveraging technology.

Next, to give a very condensed idea of process on this one, here’s two  sketches. The first is one of several thumbnail concepts — presenting a couple different options on how to proceed. Because I’m usually concepting 4-5 articles at the same time, the sketches are often very rough on the first go-around. The second sketch is an adjusted idea, incorporating some additional thoughts into the first one after it was approved. The second is pretty close to the layout of the final artwork.

Next step in the process is doing some drawings, and then scanning them in. Below is one small piece of the drawing process. Many illustrations I will work completely digital. This one I started with some basic drawing — and then did much more drawing and all the fine-tuning on my Wacom tablet.

Finally, here’s a couple details from the final. Just to get a little better idea of what the eventual 350-400 layers in photoshop looks like all dialed in. (OK, who’s counting, it was proabably many more than that… there’s probably a way to figure out the number of layers but I Iose track after about 10. I was never very good at math).

As always, thanks for stopping by my blog. Much appreciated.

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