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The next 3 illustrations are a few of my favorites from a while back. About a year. Each was published in Scotsman Guide’s Residential or Commercial edition. Simply wanted to take the opportunity to include them in my blog — just for the record. Hope you enjoy them too.

This first illustration was for an article titled, Fixed Rates: Friend or Foe. Final size of the full illustration is about 21.25 x 15 inches in print. It was a nice change to embellish on a couple big cats compared to the little ones running around my house. And, after all, who wouldn’t enjoy having a lion slobber all over them.

The next example, was for an illustration for an article titled: Ethics in the New Era. It also included some fun lettering on the right-hand page as well as the primary illustration itself. Below is the base art, a couple details and lastly the in-context version.

Finally, the next illustration was a fun one for an article about how niche residential mortgage brokers should hire an education expert to help guide their way.

I much appreciate your time to stop and check-out my work … Thanks!

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  1. There’s so much detail! Your work is wonderful! And great use of colour.

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