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A dear friend of ours who is well loved in the creative community is battling breast cancer. In her support a number of artists are joining together to create their version of an image inspired by Cheryl’s message “Make Today Count.”

Each of us start with the same image and enhance it as a way to show support for Cheryl! I’m blessed to be a friend of such a wonderful person who has nurtured the growth of creativity in everyone she meets. The world is a better place because of Cheryl Waters.

We are proud to be part of #TeamCheryl ( Thanks to Liz Hicks for this opportunity and great idea ( !

545 Make today count 1

Below is the original that everyone is starting from. And then, a couple details to follow.

545 Make it count original

545 Make today count 2

545 Make today count 3

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Today’s blog entry is from a feature article published in Scotsman Guide Residential edition, January 2013 edition. The author maps out how to tame the 4 C’s of underwriting: capacity, credit, cash and collateral. Below you’ll find the full illustration, a few details and the final in-context version.

seamonsters2_01 seamonsters2_02 seamonsters2_03 seamonsters2_04 seamonsters2_05

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