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Hello. It seems I’m making this toot-my-own-horn day (sorry) — I don’t usually do this. But, I’m really honored to post that I received several awards at last evenings Society of Professional Journalist’s Gala in Seattle. The SPJ Pacific NW regional awards include publications from Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington for work produced in 2012.

The awards below were for Best Illustration or Cartoon in a Magazine. A big thank you to the judges who appreciated my illustration work, and also to our incredible editorial and production team at Scotsman Guide — who are a pleasure to work and collaborate with on these articles. It’s always a challenge to create visuals that will hopefully add a little extra to the articles — but they are also great fun to work on, which makes a difference!

This one was awarded a 1st place. It was published in the Scotsman Guide Residential edition, December 2012. The article is titled: Gazing into the future of the housing industry




The next two received second and third place in the same category. They were for feature articles titled: “Clear a path to close on distressed properties”, published in Scotsman Guide Residential edition, May 2012; and “Saddle up for lending’s ups and downs” published in Scotsman Guide Commercial edition, Dec 2012






You can find more detail and sketch images of these in older 2012 posts shortly after they were published. As always, I do appreciate your stopping by to look at my artwork.

Now, right back to work on the upcoming month’s editorial illustrations…


I am very blessed to be able to say that I was awarded a Maggie at this year’s Western Publishing Association (WPA). The Maggie Awards were held on April 26th in Los Angeles. Sorry to be a bit tardy with getting the word out.

The award was for Best Single Illustration in a Trade Publication. Thank you to the Maggie judges, and also to the exceptional Scotsman Guide team who always make it fun to work on these illustrations. The winning illustration was for a feature article in the October 2012 Scotsman Guide Commercial edition. I have included this image in my blog in 2012, with some extra details and sketches — but below are several as a visual reminder.



techie_03Thanks very much for stopping by my blog. Much appreciated.

This an illustration created for an article in Scotsman Guide’s May Residential edition. The author explains how comparable sales work in distressed markets. Below you’ll find a the main illustration, some details and the in-context view. While working on this I started wondering if I could get much more done with six arms, or, if my brain wouldn’t be able to keep up … I’m still contemplating it … so guess I know what the answer is.





sgr_borges_layout_finalAs always, thanks very much for stopping by.

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