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Below you’ll find one of of five illustrations I created for the July Scotsman Guide Residential edition. This one is for the first feature article titled “Take the Heat Off Buyback Demands”. It was a fun one to create, including a 2-page spread and a second variation for the jump page. I’ve been practicing, noodling around with steam-twirlies (in this case) and similar styled spurts of water (see my “Jumbo” post previously – June 10). I have a couple more illustrations in progress that stem from this artwork …  to be added here in the near future. Meanwhile, here’s the primary illustration along with a few details, a very rough sketch and also how the opening spread looks in-context.

kettle_01kettle_sketchkettle_02kettle_jump0kettle_jump1kettle_jump2I did a little extra work fine-tuning the swirls at the end to be sure it fit well with the edited text. As always, thanks for stopping by … and making it all the way to the end!

Below you’ll find a feature illustration for the July Scotsman Guide commercial edition. It includes flavors of summer, maybe something pulled from a state or county fair, or an amusement park … with a “test your strength” meter. In this case the meter also doubles as a commercial building. The article is titled” Hit the Mark with Energy Efficiency”. The first image is the full illustration. Then a couple details and finally how it looks in context.

wunsch_target_1wunsch_target_2wunsch_target_3 wunsch_target_4 wunsch_target_incontextThanks very much for your interest in my work, and for stopping by.


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