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Here’s another editorial illustration from a recent Scotsman Guide Commercial edition. I happen to have a mini rubber duck, sitting on one of my old Mac SE bookends in my office. It was a handy item to use as a model for this illustration. (I also have a toy hula dancer and a lucky cat with the waving arm sitting next to the duck, but will have to figure out another illustration in the near future to work them into. Stay tuned…)




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Hello. Thanks for reading my blog. (OK, actually, in my blog the reading part isn’t really a requirement). So, thanks for stopping by and looking at the pictures! Here’s another one of my feature illustrations from the October Scotsman Guide Residential edition. Included below you’ll find the full illustration, as well as some details to show a bit of the noodling that goes on with stylus and pen/pencil. At the end is the in-context image — very much reduced from the actual size — 21.25 x 15 inches.





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Thanks for checking in on my illustration work. Below you’ll find a series of illustrations I’ve been working on in spare moments, about self-motivation. I have a number of additional variations that  will be completed soon — and then will have some new work to add to my stock portfolio!



cupcake_1money_1Here are a couple of details from the above images.

carrot_2 carrot_4 house_2 money_2As always, thanks very much for stopping by…

Below you’ll find a recent, “out-of-control” editorial illustration for Scotsman Guide’s Residential edition. The article talks about how a broker can recalibrate business to embrace a shift in direction. Maybe this idea came up while I was weeding in the back yard … maybe not, but either way I tried to create some options that didn’t include businessmen with money and buildings. The illustration was used as slightly over a full page, and I was able to incorporate some of the art into the headline too.




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