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Thank you for stopping by. Here’s another illustration from this month’s Scotsman Guide Residential edition. It’s a simple visual message… looking ahead and conforming to many rules. Monochromatic for the most part — but adding a little orange from across the wheel from all the blue — which pulls your eye to one place, using only a bit of color to do so.











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Hello! Thank you for checking out my blog. Below you’ll find another illustration created for Scotsman Guide Media. It’s a feature article, part of the February Residential edition. The author explains why it’s important to find the correct fit when funding mortgage loans, and what the future “fashion” will be for niches. Below you’ll find the full illustration, details and the in-context view.

wunsch_right fit1


wunsch_right fit2


wunsch_right fit3


wunsch_right fit4


wunsch_right fit_incontextThanks! Appreciate your stopping by…


Welcome! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Below you’ll find one of my illustrations created for the February Scotsman Guide Commercial edition. The author talks about what’s ahead in 2014, and how to make it a great year. It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with our team of editors and designers to make these sparkle best we can! The last image is the in-context view: actual size is 21.25 x 15 inches.





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