Shining the Light

This illustration is 1 of 3 that I created for the December Scotsman Guide Commercial Edition. The article is titled” Shining the Light on Governmental Tenants. Since time was short and I had 9 total illustrations in the line-up, I picked up a character from a couple months back to speed this one along. The subject is still unique though, to work with this new concept. Below you’ll find the primary illustration (trim size for the single page illustration is 10.625 x 15 inches), the in-context view and a couple details. I also tossed in a couple of my initial sketches that got me to the end result. This one is a bit more simple than some, but sometimes simpler is OK.






Thank you very much for stopping by.

  1. Sharon Mann said:

    Happy holidays Dennis, wonderful drawings. Thanks for sharing your process drawings. I’m always interested in seeing how other artists process.

    • Thank you Sharon. Happy Holidays to you as well. Very glad you find my blog of interest. Much appreciate the feedback!

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