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I’m slow getting this published, but it was a couple weekends ago I spent Saturday and Sunday in Redmond WA, at the annual Western WA Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Conference. As usual (OK, this was only my second year attending) it was a fantastic weekend. It was two days filled with inspirational speakers, information packed break-out sessions, critique groups and intensive workshops. It was a lot to absorb. Another plus was I was able to meet some really talented writers and illustrators that were very supportive in a new adventure for me.

One “extra” I signed up for was a workshop lead by Kristen Nobles, AD at Candlewick Press. The assignment was to give a unique take on the “Jack Be Nimble” nursery ryhme. We started with sketches submitted via email – well in advance of the conference. Then received some great feedback from Kristen. Next, updated sketches. At our Sunday afternoon workshop, we compared notes with others and saw many great solutions to the same problem. I also worked on an draft for a finished illustration (see below). Here’s the primary image and a few details. Beyond that, some sketches from the assignment too. I’ve got a long way to go with this new niche, but it’s a start!







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I spent my childhood growing up in a small town in northwest Illinois. Or more specifically, just outside of that small town. When I heard about a fund-raising exhibition to benefit the Freeport Art Museum, I really wanted to participate and be able to give back, at least a tiny bit, to the community that got me started on my path in art. The exhibit is called Mini-masterpieces, and artists could submit 2D and 3D works of art. The guideline was to not exceed 6 x 6 inches in any direction, including framing materials. I was very happy to be part of a gallery filled with over onehundred mini’s by some very talented artists. Below are digital versions of what I sent. The finals were signed, limited addition illustrations, printed on canvas.





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Hello! Here’s a new feature illustration created for an article in the May Scotsman Guide Residential Edition. I had fun with the concept and art, and also with the design of the opening spread — incorporating some visual elements with the typography too. The main illustration is adjusted slightly to work well on the jump page, and have something that was a little bit different without creating a completely new image.






This is a new (OK, brought back an old) style. Let me know what you think.
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If interested, you can see the full article here:



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