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I spent my childhood growing up in a small town in northwest Illinois. Or more specifically, just outside of that small town. When I heard about a fund-raising exhibition to benefit the Freeport Art Museum, I really wanted to participate and be able to give back, at least a tiny bit, to the community that got me started on my path in art. The exhibit is called Mini-masterpieces, and artists could submit 2D and 3D works of art. The guideline was to not exceed 6 x 6 inches in any direction, including framing materials. I was very happy to be part of a gallery filled with over onehundred mini’s by some very talented artists. Below are digital versions of what I sent. The finals were signed, limited addition illustrations, printed on canvas.





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Hello! Today’s post is simply a personal project … a quick exercise to fill in the gaps — recently pretty small gaps — between my editorial work and other in-progress artwork. I should have some more personal projects to share early in 2014.











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Thanks for checking in on my illustration work. Below you’ll find a series of illustrations I’ve been working on in spare moments, about self-motivation. I have a number of additional variations that  will be completed soon — and then will have some new work to add to my stock portfolio!



cupcake_1money_1Here are a couple of details from the above images.

carrot_2 carrot_4 house_2 money_2As always, thanks very much for stopping by…

This illustration is a personal work that was created for a Secret 7 charity event. More specifically, for for a vinyl record sleeve — to mark the 40th anniversary of Elton John’s track Bennie And The Jets. Between 30-50 winners will be selected to be exhibited in East London over a week in April, 2013.

700 one-of-a-kind vinyl records will be available for purchase, with the proceeds going to the charity Art Against Knives. The rules were to create artwork with no text to be placed on a single side of the sleeve. The full artwork and a few details can be found below.

I simply had to enter this contest upon finding out about it – as I’m a big Elton fan. Two of my rescued cats are even named Elton and Bernie…





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